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Become a Catholic

​The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, commonly known as RCIA, is a process by which the Catholic Christian community welcomes and initiates new members. The process has evolved to meet the needs of the unbaptized (catechumens) as well as the baptized (candidates). The RCIA process addresses the life experiences and spiritual needs of the individual. It is important to recognize and respect the faith experience of each individual.

The RCIA involves different stages and liturgical rites in which the catechumens and candidates join the rest of the faith community in an ongoing conversion as part of the life long process and commitment to a Christian way of life; an initial step in the “lifelong journey of intellectual, emotional and spiritual conversion.”

RCIA at the Church of St. Anne

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) and sacramental preparation helps non-Christians, Christian non-Catholics as well as Catholics who have not celebrated First Communion or Confirmation to be fully initiated into the Catholic Church. These individuals meet on a regular basis to learn about and discuss the various teachings of the Catholic Church. Pictured below, together with Father Dave Nazimek, is Paula Miller and Shelby Mailki, who were recently welcomed into the Church. Paula’s son, Liam, also shared in the celebration.

Learn how to become a Catholic in the Diocese of Greensburg, or contact us for more information about the RCIA process in our parish.