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St. Timothy Cemetery

 Rules & Regulations | Provisions, Planting & Decorating

  1. Artificial flowers are permitted from November 1, until the spring clean-up date of April 30. Maintenance personnel will remove and discard any artificial flowers that remain.
  2. Christmas decorations are permitted from November 1, until March 15. They will be removed by maintenance personnel when faded or at spring clean-up.
  3. The planting of flowers must be confined to the length of the monument and limited to 12 inches in front of the monument. Planting is not permitted behind the monument. This space belongs to the grave behind the monument.
  4. Graves may not be edged with lumber, concrete, stone or any other type of material that is a hazard to the maintenance personnel doing the mowing.
  5. No loose materials, such as stones, marble chips, etc. may be used on graves that will be a hazard to the maintenance personnel doing the mowing.
  6. Shrubs will not be permitted to be planted at the gravesite.
  7. The throwing of rubbish on the driveway, paths or on any part of the grounds is prohibited. The use of rubbish containers for debris disposal is appreciated.
  8. Seeding of new interments is done as soon as ground and weather conditions permit. Spring and fall burials are seeded within a short period of time with the ground has settled. Winter and hot summer periods must frequently be deferred for longer periods of time.