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Welcome to St. Anne Parish

​Mission Statement

We, the Church of St. Anne, are a Catholic faith-filled community in Rostraver Township built with the love and dedication of farmers, miners and other hardworking people. We have progressed from those few pioneering parishioner worshiping at the Quonset hut to a rapidly growing parish family within the mid-Mon Valley. We are committed to ongoing faith formation, nurtured through the celebration of the word and sacraments. We will continue to follow Christ and to share his life and love, working to become a closer parish and community.

Historical Timeline

  • May 20, 1951: Pope Pius XII establishes the Diocese of Greensburg
  • December 25, 1954: Residents of Webster celebrate Mass in a Quonset hut at midnight
  • July 3, 1957: St. Anne Parish is officially established; Father Andrew F. Hredzak is appointed pastor
  • 1961: Land to build a church is donated by Mr. and Mrs. John Yakubic
  • 1962: Construction of the church begins under Father Hredzak’s watch
  • February 24, 1963: Bishop William G. Connare officiates the laying of the cornerstone
  • June 21, 1963: The modern era church is officially dedicated
  • July 12, 1964: St. Anne Parish holds an open house for all religions; during the showcase a flood occurs in the basement of the church
  • August 1965: Father Hredzak is reassigned; Father Francis L. Lesniak is appointed pastor
  • June 1969: Father Lesniak reassigned; Father Francis M. Ott is appointed pastor
  • June 1974: Father Ott is reassigned; Father Thomas B. Bayne is appointed pastor
  • 1975: A holy year declared by Pope Paul VI and a year of debt forgiveness by Bishop Connare sees St. Anne Parish pay off all of their debts
  • May 1976: Father Bayne is placed on sick leave; Father Renato F. Gianni is appointed pastor
  • September 2, 1979: Mass is held to celebrate the 25th anniversary of St. Anne Parish
  • 1986: Rose Sweeney Melenzyer donates $100,000 for a pipe organ
  • January 1992: Father Gianni retires and Father Thomas W. Rogers is appointed pastor
  • June 16, 1996: Father Val Zdilla, former St. Anne parishioner, celebrates the first Mass of his priesthood at his home parish of St. Anne
  • July 1998: Father Thomas W. Rogers retires; Father Ronald L. Simboli is appointed pastor
  • July 2007-08: St. Anne celebrates its 50th anniversary; Mass is celebrated by Bishop Lawrence E. Brandt
  • September 22, 2010: Father Simboli is reassigned; Father Vincent J. Gigliotti is appointed Pastor
  • July 1, 2019: Father Vincent J. Gigliotti retires; Father David J. Nazimek appointed Pastor
  • Sept 1, 2023: Father David J. Nazimek reassigned; Father Roselo A. Melloria appointed Pastor

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